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Our goal is to provide undisputable scientific evidence to all of our claims.
We live in a time where money controls science, and special interests control government structures leaving most without knowledge or power..

About Death by Diet (.com) and the Whole Living Team
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The goal of our Death by Diet website is to illuminate and illustrate the point that we as individuals are killing ourselves by the foods and drinks that we consume and by the lifestyle that we find acceptable.  Our passion is reaching new people with valuable and often life saving information, the truth is most people just don't know how bad sugar, white flour, red meat and acidic drinks are for them, and how their diet is likely lacking in everything that matters.  We will provide free research, articles, eBooks, and more to our visitors in the hope that we can save lives, enrich lives, empower individuals and create a new generation of healthy people.  We believe that a sick people by default create a sick planet, and a healthy people by default maintain a healthy planet, we are not "true huggers" or "global warmist's" rather we simply believe that the earth, its resources and its animals have value that goes far beyond human consumption.

Something needs to change, two thirds of Americans are overweight, one in two Americans will develop cancer, one in three will develop diabetes, one in four are clinically depressed... and on and on, the fact is the average American will have a major sickness and or disease in the very near future, the only variable is which sickness, which disease...  Could the cause be the 158 pounds of sugar the average American consumes each year?  Could it be that 40% of Americans are affected by smoking or second hand smoke?  Could it be that 50% of people drink alcohol regularly?  Could it be that the average American diet is lacking in essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients? 

The simple truth is that everyone of us are directly affected by poor food and drink choices that lead to an early death as a result of ones diet.  We need to promote, encourage and be the example of a new and better way to eat, to live and to think.  Please take some time today to consider how you can make a difference.

Sponsor the Research & Clinical Trials of "profitless cures" for every sicknesses and disease and be the first to receive the results.

The pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars in research and trials to get dangerous drugs approved that barely outperform a placebo and are loaded with negative side affects and unpredictable future consequences.  Our goal is to test the health claims of individuals, companies and products that would allow people to regain their health and wellness in a cost effective and safe manor.  We would accomplish this through controlled clinical trials where individuals would receive healthy natural treatments, meals and drinks to cure specific diseases.  To learn more or to be a part of one of our studies please click here.

If every believer in safe and natural cures that visits our websites would donate $1 per day or $30 per month for the next 5 years we could produce indisputable "scientific evidence" that the mainstream health community, federal agencies and media could not ignore.  We could also provide "at cost" products and services for our readers and the general public to take advantage of to resolve their own health situations.

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